Senior Volunteering

President-elect Barack Obama said Wednesday that he wants his inauguration to be about more than him; it should be about getting all Americans involved in community service.

Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden and their families plan to participate in service projects in the Washington area Jan. 19th and are encouraging every American to roll up their sleeves and become involved in their communities to renew the promise of America.

If you are a senior, this is a reminder to get involved in your community, especially if you are retired and now have the time to volunteer.  And if you are a Caregiver, this is an opportunity to take the skills you have learned to other seniors.  Seniors are usually the most grateful group to volunteer for as many of them may have experienced the loss of family and friends and are open to making new friends and welcoming volunteers.

From meal programs to senior services, you can find out about senior volunteer programs through your local Area Agency on Aging and you can find this information in Caregiverlist's "By State" listings.

And, if you are thinking about becoming a professional caregiver but do not have paid experience, look into volunteering with a local hospice which will usually provide you with training and assign you to one-on-one care with a senior.  This is great caregiving experience that will assist you in finding a caregiving job.

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