Online Coupon App Help Caregiver Save Money

The Flipp phone application help caregivers get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017. Flipp is a free online couponing app available for a caregiver’s smartphone and tablet. A Black Friday game plan helps caregivers get the best savings both online and in the store.

Flipp allows caregivers to:

  • Clip coupons

  • Create shopping lists

  • Find coupons in your area

  • Receive notifications for new sales

COST:  Free

This couponing app is free to use for every caregiver. Caregivers can even log into their Facebook or Google accounts to sync shopping lists to their accounts. Online shopping lists keeps caregivers organized when shopping.


After downloading the Flipp caregivers input their location and find discounts at their local stores. Flipp has coupons for Walmart, Target, local grocery stores, and many more. Weekly ad circulars are now online and available for browsing on the Flipp app.  Caregiver’s can also find Black Friday Deals with this app. Flipp can save caregivers 20%- 70% every week.

Savings on groceries and other household help the caregiver in their daily life. The huge savings available in the Flipp app frees up caregivers and allows them to further their Caregiver Training and education.

Senior caregivers please give us your feedback on Flipp!

Know about any additional caregiver apps that excel at assisting with caregiving duties? Let us know.

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