Napping: Good for All Ages

Anyone caring for a senior knows that part of their daily routine includes time to take a nap.  Some seniors nap in both the morning and the afternoon, especially if they are early risers.

This week's Newsweek talks about the "Three-Martini Nap".  A new company in NYC offers private rooms with sleep pods and charges $15 for 20-minutes.  Some companies also offer a nap room now.  It seems we are realizing that a break in the day to relax will make the rest of the day much more productive.

The health benefits of napping have been proven by many studies, including a recent one by the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Athens Medical School which showed that taking naps at least three days per week reduced coronary mortality by 37 percent.

The suggested nap length is 20 minutes, to boost alertness and motor performance.

Caregivers, especially, can find an afternoon nap a welcome reprieve from both the emotional and physical demands of their work.

I have long wished we Americans could enjoy a long lunch, followed by a siesta like our friends in Spain.....maybe that day is getting closer.




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  • Agreed - every company in the USA should allow an afternoon nap!
  • Sure, just as my senior begins taking naps, my 3-year-old gives them up!

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