Meals on Wheels Delivering Senior Meals and Celebrity Chefs

Meals on Wheels are a life saver for many seniors, as senior caregivers know.  As some seniors have challenges with walking, memory loss and are unable to drive, knowing a meal will be delivered to the home makes it possible for them to continue to live at home longer.  An added value, in addition to a nutritious meal being delivered, is having someone check on the senior in person while dropping off the meals.  Meals on Wheels has a hotline to social services if a senior does not answer or seems to have a new health issue that is not being addressed.

Learn more about Meals on Wheels services in your area and support the upcoming fund raising event for Chicago's Meals on Wheels at their Celebrity Ball on October, 14th at Macy's downtown.

Event tickets are $125 and volunteers are also still needed. 

Click here for more information on Chicago Meals on Wheels Celebrity Ball.


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  • Deborah Y Carter

    9/30/2011 8:34:26 PM | Reply

    I have worked with meal of wheels in Durham, N.C.


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