Caregiver Stress: Jet Blue Flight Attendant

Although aging brings the gift of wisdom and other benefits (a monthly paycheck from the government), it also delivers challenges.  Your friends die, age-related illnesses come along and your daily routine may require the help of a caregiver.

Caregivers know that their job involves more than just assisting with physical care.  The recent incident on JetBlue airlines gave a public face to the stress that caregiving can cause.  The flight attendant on JetBlue is a caregiver for his elderly parents.  His mother is ill and his father recently died of ALS (Lous Gehrig's disease).  This lead to his becoming fed up with a passenger, grabbing a beer and sliding out the emergency exit.

Senior caregivers can definitely relate to the need to get away from it all or to want to say "take this job and shove it".  That is part of the reason turnover for nursing aides at nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living centers is 75% or higher.  Hands-on senior care is not easy and brings the battle of dealing with the emotional roller coaster seniors may be riding on.

Caregiver stress causes additional challenges for family members caring for a senior and a support team makes a huge difference     By reaching out to a senior home care agency for assistance, you gain the added value of professionals who have been trained in managing the emotional aspects of caregiving.

Caregivers can also find a way to vent by sharing their caregiving experience with others and learning training techniques for the emotional aspects of caregiving.

As the need for senior caregivers continues to grow, gaining experience as a professional caregiver can assist with skills needed for becoming a certified nursing aide or home health aide.

And if it all becomes too much on some days, grabbing a beer is okay - maybe just don't jump out of an airplane full of passengers at the same time.


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