Staying Social and Stimulated in Retirement

If you’re looking at retiring soon, you’re probably excited and nervous—and with good reason.

While some of you might be planning dream vacations, others might be planning to downsize to

a smaller home. When you retire, you have more time for hobbies, but it can also bring on more

solitude. That’s why it’s so important that you make an effort to stay social and stimulated during

retirement. Fortunately, there are some fun, exciting ways that you can do both at the same


Earn Extra Income

While in retirement, you can still bring in a certain amount of income. There are several great

ways to meet new people, stay social, and even earn some pocket change for your next big

vacation, but none quite as exciting and successful as working part-time as a real estate agent.

In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report, real estate is one of the most profitable and

popular second careers for seniors. You can meet new people while showing houses and enjoy

part-time work that keeps you energized. For more information, check out this informative guide

from Redfin.

Stay Active

Yes, there are going to be days where visiting with friends over coffee or tea is an ideal way to

spend a relaxing afternoon. However, be sure to balance that by getting active with your friends.

Taking fitness classes with your friends who are also enjoying their golden years is a double

win. You can catch up with your nearest and dearest, while also getting in exercise. Many

seniors’ health insurance plans come with access to senior-only classes, like Silver Sneakers,

where you can explore classes like water aerobics, yoga, and pilates. Taking fitness classes

with other seniors helps to ensure your golden years are filled with health, happiness, and good


College Bound

Many colleges and universities offer special discounts or programs for retirees who want to

broaden their horizons. Community colleges in particular can be a treasure trove of classes that

build new and exciting skills for seniors. Many of these courses are free or low-cost, which

means it’s easy to convince a friend to join you. Will you and a friend be going on an

international adventure? Take a class together that teaches the language you’ll be reading and

hearing (and maybe even speaking!) abroad.

Get Cooking

If your doctor frowns every time he takes your blood pressure, gather your friends to hone your

culinary skills together in a cooking class. You can sign up for a series, learning new dishes

designed to lower cholesterol or developing the skills it takes to transition to a vegan diet. You

can also take one course at time, learning a new and exotic cuisine with your friends, like

making sushi or paella. Often spending time with your friends, and sampling their handiwork, is

even more fun than learning new recipes and skills.

Master the Internet

Want to learn how to chat with your grandchildren on social media? Maybe you struggle with the

website that lets you communicate with your doctor or view medical bills online. You’re definitely

not alone. Many seniors feel uneasy with computers and the internet, especially when it comes

to safety. Taking a course with your friends not only teaches you basic computer skills, but it

also allows you time to bond with your friends over internet challenges and victories.

You’ve worked hard and long all these years and are starting to think about what you can do

with your extra free time. However, having that newfound free time is something you may have

to adjust to. With less structure, stimulation, and responsibilities, retirement as been shown to

hasten declines in mental health, as well as physical well-being. Taking classes with old friends,

while also making some new ones, is an exciting, enthralling way to enjoy this special, well-

deserved time in your life.

If you need to find care visit you can also find resources for seniors here

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