Mental Health and Seniors

Mental health has become an increasingly important topic. The CDC approximates that 20 percent of adults aged 55 and over experience a mental health condition. Among the most common conditions are anxiety, severe cognitive impairment and mood disorders. Depression, a type of mood disorder, is at the top for mental health issues on older adults. It is associated with distress and suffering and can lead to impairments in physical, mental and social functioning. 

Depression is not a normal part of growing older, but the rate of older adults with these symptoms increase with age. This can result in impairment of other functions and can worsen chronic conditions. A survey from SCAN, found that 82% of seniors know at least one person who is lonely and 58% are reluctant to admit they are lonely themselves. 

Romilla Batra, the chief medical officer at SCAN says, "the good news is that seniors are seeking out ways to remain engaged with others." SCAN provides resources for meaningful interactions as well as mental healthcare for seniors.