Gratitude Journal App Helps Caregiver's Health

The Grateful phone application helps caregivers improve their mood by keeping a journal. Grateful is a free gratitude journal app available for a caregiver’s smartphone and tablet. Gratitude journals have many benefits, such as improving relationships and health. This daily gratitude journal acts as an easy template for caregivers to begin tracking their best memories.

Grateful allows caregivers to:

  • Answer daily gratitude prompts

  • Create custom prompts

  • Add photos to journals

  • Browse past entries

COST:  Free

This gratitude journal is free to use for every caregiver. Caregivers do not need a login and can start journaling right away. The first 15 entries are free to use immediately. For $3.99 caregivers unlock unlimited journal entries, journal backups to Dropbox, and more.


After downloading the Grateful app caregivers can write their first entry right away. Grateful provides daily gratitude prompts to fill out; it is designed to make writing journal entries easy. Here is a sample gratitude prompts caregivers can answer: what made you smile today? Caregivers can also add pictures to remind them of their journal entry that day.

Keeping a gratitude journal helps caregivers face adversity and use their Caregiver Training to help others in improving their quality of life.

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