Caregiver Job Seekers: Be Mindful of Facebook Posts & Tweets

Senior caregivers working as professional caregivers for senior home care agencies, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living communities receive the benefits of ongoing professional training and support in their caregiving roles.  But because many individuals are involved in care - from family members to medical professionals - it is even more important that caregiver and Certified Nursing Aides and Home Health Aides who are applying for jobs are thoughtful about the online reputation they are showing on social media platforms.

Senior caregivers may even have higher standards to live up to than many other workers, simply because of the personal nature of senior care.  While all professional caregivers are coached to keep their personal issues out of the work place and nursing assistants receive specialized training in C.N.A. school, it is important to realize that both senior care employers and family members of a senior will probably check out the caregiver on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  Remember that what you post online can also "go viral" and be forwarded to others or reposted or retweeted. 

A good rule to follow is to only post or tweet items you would feel comfortable having on the front page of a newspaper and having your Mother read.  If it doesn't pass this test, don't post it.

A California woman, Denise Helms, was fired this week after calling President Obama an inappropriate word and also mentioning "assassination".  While everyone has a right to their own political views, if your viewpoints seem to show irrational behavior or the desire to do harm to others, it is a red flag for employers.  If someone is making bad decisions in one area of their life, it is going to transfer to other areas.  Don't let what happen to Denise Helms in California happen to you.

Senior caregivers will continue to be needed to work as Companion Caregivers, C.N.A.'s and Home Health Aides as the senior population ages and desires to age-in-place in their own homes.  Working as a senior caregiver delivers many rewards beyond a paycheck and offers both part-time and full-time employment opportunities.  Review a caregiver job description and apply for a senior caregiver position in your area.  Update your social media profiles to show you are a compassionate individual who has consideration for everyone in your life, including seniors!


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