Vet Caregiving Benefit: For Spouses Too

I was talking with my cousin yesterday and realized that when I was discussing care options with her Mom last fall, I totally forgot to tell her about the Veteran's Aid & Attendance Benefit which also provides care for Surviving Spouses.

My uncle served in World War II, so she definitely qualifies.  I asked my cousin to tell her Mom about the benefit, as I know it will be a weight off her shoulders to have another avenue to pay for care, should the need arise.

Our website includes the downloadable application forms for this benefit:


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  • Roberta Schlanker

    6/15/2008 5:55:37 PM | Reply

    The Veteran's Benefit is very good news!  None of my friends knew about this possibility.  Most of them are wives of veterans, so they were happy to hear about this.  Thank you, Caregiver list!


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