California Caregiver Renewal Training for Senior Care

Senior caregivers in California now must maintain their professional caregiving skills with annual renewal training.

California renewal training requires 5 hours each year focusing on:

Core Competencies

Age-Related Caregiving Skills

Caregiverlist's certified caregiver training allows caregivers to easily renew their training by enrolling them in the next course and allowing caregivers to review previous training.

Built for senior caregivers by industry professionals, the online course is smart-phone friendly and easy to use and best of all, written for caregivers who may not have a medical background and incorporating the skills needed for senior home care.

Caregivers may join "the P.A.C.", the Professional Association of Caregivers and receive a lapel pin and t-shirt with their training course. Buy your online training and maintain access to your course materials ongoing and apply to a job in your area.

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