Online Caregiver Training Tools for Senior Caregivers

Digital caregiver training tools are now available for anyone desiring to become a professional senior caregiver.  The caregiver training can also be taken by family caregivers who want to deliver safe care to a loved one and also gain knowledge about a senior's care needs.

Online caregiver training allows a caregiver to learn the subject matter from anywhere.  In senior care, where work shifts can be day or night, this is a valuable benefit.

Caregiver Training University's Basic Caregiver Training course provides an understanding of the 12 content areas most needed in senior care and originally created by a senior home care industry association.  

Online senior caregiver course manuals provide the overview of each concept along with tip sheets, study sheets, a practice quiz and then a final exam which contains 3 questions for each concept to meet testing guidelines to confirm retention of the information learned.

How doe a caregiver take an online training course?

Simply sign-up online with a credit card, receive a log-in and password, review the course materials and take the exam.

What are the basic skills taught in a professional senior caregiver training course?

  • Caregiver Job Responsibilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Care Plan Notes
  • Personal Care and Toileting
  • Adaptive Equipment for Transfers
  • Basic Hygiene and Infection Control
  • Maintaining Clean and Safe Environments
  • Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions 
  • Basic First Aid and Emergency Procedures
  • Client Personal, Financial and Health Information: HIPPA
  • Elder Abuse and Neglect: Identify and Understand

An online training course allows anyone who may be considering a career in senior care to understand the skills that will be involved.  Senior care involves both physical and emotional care.  Unlike many careers, a professional caregiver must take into consideration the need to manage a close relationship with their senior client.  Just as with any personal relationship, there can be happy and sad moments in caregiving and this means caregivers must have the necessary skills to handle situations in a professional manner.

Communicating with seniors effectively makes a difference in the quality of the caregiving.  Many times a senior may be experiencing loneliness because of a spouse or friend's death.  Imagine what it would be like if every month someone you know passes away - this begins to happen to everyone as we age.  Caregivers must learn how to connect with a senior and can do so better if they understand the generational differences.

Elder abuse actually occurs most frequently by a close loved one or relative and often is in the form of financial or emotional abuse.  Some states also hold accountable anyone who witnesses the abuse and does not report it.  This is just one more reason why professional caregiver training can be useful for any caregiver.

Become a certified caregiver by taking an online caregiver training course, at your own pace, and you will be able to deliver quality senior care to both friends, families and clients when working as a professional caregiver.  

To help get you started, here is a sample Caregiver Basic Training question:

Key situations when hand hygiene should be performed include:

A) Before touching a patient

B) After contact with blood, body fluids or excretions

C) After glove removal

D) All of the Above

Review the caregiver training course sections and sign-up for caregiver training to learn this answer and more.


Online Caregiver Training Delivers Caregiver Certification

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