Discount Shopping for Caregivers

Nurses, C.N.A.s, C.H.H.A.s and caregivers alike can use a little love, with a little break in price.

Scrubs magazine announces the very first Code Happy Pop-up Shop: 25 Fabulous Finds! This special online store will be open only through 09/29. Use promo code CODEHAPPY2 at check out to save 15% off your total purchase.

Here are some of our favorites:

Personalized Thumbprint Jewelry
Even if you don't consider yourself a jewelry person, this thumbprint necklace is sure to convert you. Keep your child's, husband's or mother's thumbprint under your scrubs and close to your heart! And what a beautiful conversation piece to share with your patients. Each kit includes everything you need to make a fingerprint pendant, including practice clay that contains particles of precious metals that bind together to create the fingerprint. Instructions are included. ($75.99, Prairie Creations)

Daily Beauty Tea & Glass Tea Tumbler
How is this tea good for you? Well, the whole-leaf, antioxidant-rich Oolong + Pu-erh Tea has anti-inflammatory, skin and metabolism-enhancing herbs and spices such as cacao nibs, burdock, astragalus and cayenne. The tea supports liver detox, proper digestion, skin's natural functions and enhances your natural immunity (perfect for nurses who don't want to catch every bug that comes through the hospital!). It gives you energy with health and beauty benefits, and none of the jitters! Comes with 8-ounce Fair Trade glass tumbler. ($42.99, BijaBody)

Yantra Mat in Black
Addicted to yoga? We can't blame you (caregivers definitely need time to relax and de-stress!) and want to introduce you to the Yantra mat. Each one has 8,820 acupressure contact points arranged in 210 flower shapes. These are positioned on each mat to make sure that equal pressure is applied at all points. Each flower comprises 42 pressure points and is calibrated to give equal pressure, making the mat extremely comfortable to lie or sit on. The mat comes in a stylish carrying bag and is easily portable, so you can use it at home or at work, and it will pack easily for you to take on your travels. 60 X 70". ($49.99, Swedwerx)

Remember caregivers, these items are only available until 09/29. They make great gifts or a treat for yourself! Use promo code CODEHAPPY2 at check out to save 15% off your total purchase.

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