Caring for the Caregiver: Doughnuts Anyone?

 Senior caregivers must always take a moment to be sure they are taking care of themselves because senior caregiving brings many stressful components.  Even healthy seniors face emotional issues as they see their friends and loved ones pass away and confront the loss of physical capabilities as part of the aging process.  Caregiver employment remains a growing segment of the job market as family caregivers need to hire professional caregiving services in order to take a break and many seniors require professional senior home care services.

Doughnuts to the rescue!  Here in Chicago we have many new doughnut shops which seem to be popping up on every corner.  For just a few dollars, a caregiver can treat themselves to a smile and a taste of sweetness.  

And, for the more ambitious, or for those who don't have a cute doughnut shop around the corner, you can try making your own.  We found these yummy and healthy recipes at which include one for Mint-Mint Chocolate Donuts.......we Americans can spell it "donut", My Family Dish shares, while the British call it "doughnut".  Take a break from caregiving each day to care for yourself!



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