CNA Doesn't Always Mean Certified Nursing Assistant

This one is on me.

I am always scanning the internet for C.N.A. news, and the following caught my eye: FCB Brasil, CNA Launch 'Speaking Exchange' (thanks Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls!)

FCB Brasil implemented a program with CNA (which I ALWAYS read as Certified Nursing Assistants) in a program to connect young Brazilians who want to learn to speak English with senior citizens living in a retirement community. The senior retirement for this pilot program is the Windsor Park Retirement Community in Chicago. Can you understand my confusion when I learned that CNA is a language school and has nothing to do with Certified Nursing Assistants?

In any case, the senior/youth connection is a brilliant one and a win-win for all involved. The webchat exchanges between the kids perfecting their English skills and the seniors who are happy to converse with them are uploaded to YouTube where instructors can assess their progress. But let’s face it, there’s a whole lot more than language learning going on here. Says Max Geraldo, FCB Brazil's executive director in an interview with Adweek: "The beauty of this project is in CNA's belief that we develop better students when we develop better people."

Watch the following video and see just how remarkable this project is. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope this idea sparks many copycats.

If you are a senior caregiver interested in taking the next step in your career, consider becoming a C.N.A. (and this time I mean a Certified Nursing Assistant.) Caregiverlist® provides a free sample C.N.A. test to see how well you might do. Or if you are already trained as a C.N.A., fill out the Caregiverlist® 5-minute job application to reach multiple employers hiring in your area.

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  • Seniors sharing their skills with those of us who are younger and still have a lot to learn.  This is a great idea and wish there were more ways for these connections to happen.

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