Senior caregivers know that delivering quality care requires many skills.  Caring for seniors is not at all the same as babysitting.   First, seniors do not necessarily feel they must follow the guidelines given by a caregiver.  Second, seniors may be dealing with a variety of age-related diseases and it is important for the caregiver to understand the condition and symptoms and how to manage.  Third, the emotional care needs change as a senior deals with the aging process.

Training for senior care is ongoing, as there are so many different illnesses to keep up with along with new care techniques.  Certified Nursing Aides receive training through a school program which must be approved by each state's department of health.  Then the aides must pass the state nursing aide exam to receive their certification.

Caregiverlist, developed by senior care industry professionals, provides a 10-hour online training program for senior caregivers.  You may review the test modules and take the test at your own pace to learn the basic skills needed to provide quality senior care.  You may also find Certified Nursing Aide and Certified Home Health Aide training schools in your area in Caregiverlist's C.N.A. School Directory.


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