Senior Caregiving Jobs: Employment High in Senior Care

Senior caregivers and Certified Nursing Aides will continue to find job opportunities with positions increasing along with pay.  The minimum wage increased in 8 states in January, 2012, and senior caregivers, even without professional experience, are usually paid above minimum wage and provided with training.

Caregivers for seniors can obtain part-time and full-time jobs with senior care companies.  View a job description and a video about the requirements and benefits of working as a senior caregiver or Certified Nursing Aide and apply for a caregiving job.

Caregiver pay can start at minimum wage or around $9 or $10 per hour, depending on which part of the country you live.  You may view the minimum wage levels in each state in Caregiverlist's "by-state" information section.

Caregiver training involves learning how to intereact with a senior with various age-related illnesses and understanding how to safely monitor changes in health.  Caregiver Certification can be obtained online as part of a 10-hour online course.

Many caregivers become professional caregivers because of personal experience caring for a loved one or family member.  Anyone with a caring personality who also can demonstrate a consistent job history can be considered as a senior caregiver.  Passing a background check is the first step in the process and you can purchase your own background check to confirm it is accurate before applying for a senior care position.

Registered Nurses first become Certified Nursing Aides as part of their R.N. training, which means anyone who would like to become a C.N.A. may advance, if they would like, to become a L.P.N. or R.N.  View Certified Nursing Aide schools along with their admission requirements to consider growing your career in senior care.


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