Hospital Care - Protecting Your Loved Ones

Yesterday we blogged about the increase in health care associated infections (HAI's) which are infections patients develop while staying at a healthcare facility such as a hospital or nursing home.  Those of us in the senior care industry are very familiar with the new friends - HAI"S - seniors gain when they go into the hospital for a hip-replacement or another surgery - MRSA being one of the most common infections senior's take home with them.

A new book provides information on how to naviagate the healthcare system and make it home alive:

Critical Conditions:  The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive

The book interviews more than 150 doctors, nurses, hosptial staff and family members and provides advice on how to avoid the medication mistakes, infectious diseases and prevent medical errors.  The book also helps with ways to develop positive relationships with medical staff.

Senior home care agencies provide Geriatric Care Managers to assist families with making sure seniors are receiving quality care and that communication flows between all care providers and Caregiverlist provides information on quality standards for senior home care agencies.
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