Hawaii Nursing Home Costs and Star Ratings Updated

Hawaii is inarguably one of the most beautiful states in the nation and consistently makes “Best States for Retirement” lists. And why not? Not only is Hawaii lush, tropical, impossibly lovely (the very air smells of sea and flowers), but the cost of living (outside Honolulu) is 33.4% above the U.S. average. Icing on the cake? Social Security benefits and most other pension payouts are exempt from state income taxes.

But doesn’t Hawaii have the most expensive nursing homes in the U.S.? Not quite. Alaska takes the title of state with costliest nursing homes, with Hawaii coming in second, according to the Caregiverlist® Nursing Home Index. Hawaii has an average room cost of $355.50 (based on both private and semi-private rooms) to Alaska’s nursing home cost of $573.90.

Here’s a snapshot of Hawaii nursing home data:

Total Number of Nursing Homes: 50
Average Single Price: $397
Average Double Price: $314
Average Rating: 2.6

Star Rating Snapshot:
5-Star: 3
4-Star: 17
3-Star: 13
2-Star: 4
1-Star: 13

Which Hawaii nursing home has the highest Caregiverlist® rating? The Hawaii nursing home with the highest Caregiverlist® rating is privately-owned Island Nursing Home in Honolulu, Hawaii, which scores 4.8 out of 5 stars. The nursing home's semi-private room (they do not offer private rooms) costs $252.00 per day, which is significantly less than the state's average double rate of $314.

Senior care costs, especially the costs incurred by long-term nursing home stay, is something most people don’t think about until it’s too late, usually after the Medicare-paid first 100 days of post-hospital rehabilitation. But cost is not the only factor in choosing long-term care for our families or ourselves; seniors should review the ratings and costs of nursing homes in their area and then visit the nursing homes which meet their budget constraints.

A good place for families to begin anticipating future costs is by talking to a professional and coming up with a financial action plan. Caregiverlist can provide a care plan to find senior home care agency options in Hawaii and help you learn about the costs for senior care. Seniors and their family caregivers can also research nursing home costs and ratings in any state nationwide through the Caregiverlist Nursing Home Directory, the only resource with this trademarked information.


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