Girl Scout Cookies and Caregivers

Girl Scout Cookies have been around for more than 80 years.  The cookies are a bit smaller than they use to be, but they still taste great and they still raise money for a good cause which happens to also support research that benefits caregivers.

Thin mints? Trefoils? Do-si-dos? Tagalongs?  If you were a girl scout, or the parent or brother of a girl scout, you probably remember all of the girl scout cookie names, as well as your favorite flavor.  The Philadelphia girl scouts were the first council to have a bake sale as a fundraiser, with the girls doing the sales and marketing.  This lead to the New York Girl Scout chapter following and then creating a branded cookie style with the Girl Scout logo.  This cookie mold was then licensed to other bakers allowing Girl Scout cookie sales to take place nationwide.

Along with selling cookies, the Girl Scouts of America promotes a healthy lifestyle for members, which includes a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise.  The Girl Scout research Institute (GSRI) created a guide for helping girls to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to take these skills into their communities.

Actionable items taught include healthy weight, nutrition and exercise for all family members and caregivers.  A healthy environment leads to better health, the research shows. 

Senior caregivers can learn more by reading the Girl Scout Research Institute report called "Weighing In".    Caregivers may also find certified caregiver training which teaches safe caregiving skills and apply for a senior caregiving job in their area (both Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts are welcome).

And if you would like to buy some girl scout cookies this year, well, there is even an App to help you find the right flavors more easily or you may just plug your zip-code in here at the Girl Scout Cookie website.

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