Gas: The New Affordable Luxury

"How much did you have to pay for gas?” is always the first question my Grandma Martha asks when I visit her.

I have always quickly changed the subject, having the attitude that there is no choice but to pay the price being charged.  And, since there are now taxes tacked on to gas, it is not possible to make a fair comparison to the prices she has paid over the last 70 years (Grandma Martha is 92 and still drives her car – she just passed her driver’s license renewal exam in April).

The thinking has always been that no matter how much money you make, there are certain little things you will always have enough extra money to buy – a candy bar or a cup of coffee at Starbucks, for instance.  Those are little luxuries we can all afford.

Gas, to fill the tank of your car, on the other hand, has always been a necessity. You pay your rent, you pay your utility bills and you fill your gas tank.

As the price of gas has doubled over the last four years, pay rates have not had the same increase.  This means the extra money that was spent on affordable luxuries is now needed to pay for gas.

Caregivers typically earn around $9.00 per hour. At 40 hours a week, this averages to $1,440.00 per month, before taxes are deducted.  This is something to remember when considering the cost for caregiving services. If driving is required, reimbursement for gas is necessary. In addition, if the location of the assignment requires excessive driving, reimbursement for mileage may be necessary to maintain a quality Caregiver.

The government reimbursement rate for mileage in 2008 is: 50.5 cents per mile. This is the reimbursement rate which the government estimates as adequate to cover all the costs of driving, from insurance to repairs to gasoline.

You can also research the best price for gas in your area.

And, if you are looking for a way to reward your Caregiver for a job well done, remember that any affordable luxury will be appreciated.

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  • Thanks.That is good advice, It's easily a gallon of gas to go downtown and back. That add's up quickly at $4.00 per gallon.
  • Hello,
    I am a recent graduate of AB-Tech,  I did my clinicals in Black Mountain...I loved working there, and they offered me a job making $9.50 per hour
    I had to think real hard on this offer,  I live in Asheville and I drive a suv,  as you may imagine,  I could not take the job because of the gas prices,  I would have to work 2hrs daily to pay for my gas!
    Hopefully trusting the Good Lord I will find a job in Asheville, God Bless us~
    Katie WIse
  • Today I heard that gas is going to remain around $4/gallon all the way through 2009 - there is no end in sight!  

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