First Aid App Helps Caregivers Prepare For Emergencies

First Aid by American Red Cross helps caregivers prepare for emergencies both for themselves, and for their patients. The First Aid application is a free pocket first aid guide available for a caregiver's phone or tablet. Basic first aid procedures are vital to a caregiver’s training. This app acts as a portable first aid kit for caregivers.

First Aid by American Red Cross allows caregivers to:

  • Create emergency preparedness plans  

  • Watch first aid videos

  • Take quizzes on first aid procedures

  • Contact 911 in the application

COST:  Free

This first aid guide book app is free to use for every caregiver. The American Red Cross offers free information about caregiving emergencies such as, heart attacks. It also provides guides on basic first aid procedures, such as CPR.


After downloading the First Aid app caregivers can choose to learn about a variety of first aid procedures. All emergency scenarios are covered. There are first aid quizzes available in the app, and interactive videos to aid in preparing for emergencies. First Aid also offers emergency guides in Spanish.

The benefits of first aid training are huge, the First Aid app is a great addition to our Caregiver Training. Completing the basic caregiver training and having the First Aid app will help the caregiver be prepared for every emergency while working with their patients.

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