National Memory Screening Day

Memory loss occurs for all of us at certain moments: where, oh where are my keys? Right? And everyone will begin experiencing some memory loss after the age of 85. 

Alzheimer's disease presents a certain form of memory loss where there is confusion of person, time and place. Because of this, many refer to Alzheimer's disease as the "long goodbye".  Senior caregivers know the challenges that come when caring for someone with memory loss but the good news is that medications can slow the progression.  In addition, by implementing a steady daily schedule and mental exercises and meditation, seniors can lesson the impact of memory loss on their lives.

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) is inviting healthcare professionals to participate as screening sites for the 10th annual national memory Screening Day on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012.  Community sites nationwide will offer free, confidential memory screenings and educational materials to the public. 

Learn more about the memory loss screenings where the AFA will provide a comprehensive toolkit, including screening tools and marketing and educational materials all at no cost.  The memory loss screening sites are searchable by zip-code and state. 

Sign-up as a Memory Loss Screening Site.

For more information you may contact melissa Austen, AFA"s National Program's Manager:






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