Dashlane App Helps Caregivers Stay Organized

The Dashlane App helps busy caregivers keep track of passwords, usernames, and more. Dashlane is a free password manager application available for a caregiver's phone or tablet. Caregivers have too many passwords to remember, Dashlane gives them a secure way to store passwords.

Dashlane allows caregivers to:

  • Manage and store passwords 
  • Autofill Usernames and Passwords
  • Receive Security Notices To Protect Information 
  • Store Payment Information for Easy Checkouts
  • Generate Passwords 

COST:  Free

There is an option to upgrade to Premium for $3.33 per month. Premium allows caregivers to backup their account, sync passwords across multiple devices, and add more security features to protect their information.

By downloading Dashlane today you can get a 30 day trial of their premium features.


After creating an account Caregivers can choose to store passwords from Facebook, online banking, and even Caregiverlist.com. Caregivers can check the strength of their passwords to make sure their online account are safe. Along with the password strength checker, Dashlane has a password generator to create secure logins.

Dashlane also offers secure credit or debit card storage, so Caregiver's can remember their card number online. Caregiver's can use Dashlane to store their username and password to their Caregiver Training University account for quick and safe access to their certificate.

Senior caregivers please give us your feedback on Dashlane!

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