Alzheimer's Clinical Trial Studies Benefit both Caregivers and Seniors

By participating in a clinical drug trial, you will receive valuable medical information at no charge, along with access to medical care which may improve your medical condition.  Remember that all medications we currently take first had to be tested in a clinical trial study - and many of these medications work very well.  The U.S. government's Food and Drug Administration requires medications to show positive performance in clinical trials before being approved.

How can you learn about clinical trials in your area?
  • Ask your doctor
  • Ask your pharmacist
  • Check with the local association for your disease (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.) 
You may receive a monetary stipend for your participation along with travel and telephone expense reimbursement.  Be sure to first learn about the requirements for participants, as these are usually very specific.  Sometimes caregivers are also provided with reimbursement as their feedback is considered valuable.

This Alzheimer's Disease research study requires participation in 14 meetings and 3 telephone calls and will span 14 months.  The medical evaluations alone can be worth participating in a study, as you will be working with a leading team of doctors and researchers.

You may also contact the department of aging in your area to find out about age-related programs which may be helpful, and sometimes they also know about clinical trials. , ,

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