Certified Nursing Aide Jobs

Senior caregiving jobs continue to grow as America's seniors are living longer and preferring to "age-in-place" which means they want to continue to live in their homes or stay in the same town where they have raised families and worked.

Certified Nursing Aides or C.N.A.'s, assist seniors with their daily care needs.  Senior communities such as Assisted Living communities and nursing homes and hospitals must staff a certain number of C.N.A.'s based on the number of patients or residents they have who need assistance with their Activities of Daily Living.  Each state licenses these senior care facilities and requires the C.N.A. staffing ratio.

Long-term care insurance companies also often require the senior's caregiving services to be provided for by a Certified Nursing Aide in order for the insurance policy to pay.

Senior caregivers interested in becoming Certified Nursing Aides can learn about the admission requirements of C.N.A. schools and take a sample C.N.A. test or a real C.N.A. exam as a practice for the C.N.A. training course work.  This will allow you to understand the skills that you will be taught in a C.N.A. training program.  Once you complete the nursing aide courses, you will need to pass the state certification exam for nursing aides in your state.

Caregivers and C.N.A.'s may apply for a professional caregiving job in their area on Caregiverlist to be considered for part-time or full-time employment as senior care companies are constantly hiring.





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