Caregiver Training

Caregiver training for seniors often is needed immediately.  As senior caregiving needs sometimes arise quickly, after a senior suffers a stroke or is first diagnosed with memory loss.  Family members may step-in as caregivers while professional care services are being organized.

Caregivers can become certified with the basic senior caregiving skills through a 10-hour online caregiver certification course, meeting the requirements established in a few states that require training for licensed senior home care agencies.  As the number of seniors is growing, more training requirements are being required in order to make sure seniors are receiving quality care and to eliminate fraud.

Understanding how to communicate with seniors with memory loss, safely transfer and provide for the daily activities of living are all taught as part of caregiver certification.

The full spectrum of caregiving is addressed in senior caregiver training, including understanding signs of abuse.  You may view the caregiver training modules and purchase the online caregiver training course to become certified as a senior caregiver.  You must pass the course exam at 80% in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Caregivers may begin a career by working as a companion caregiver and receive on-the-job training by a licensed senior home care agency as many seniors with memory loss only need companion care services at first.  You may apply for a part-time or full-time senior caregiver job near you.

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  • Angel

    2/5/2012 12:00:38 AM | Reply

    Hi, I'm a new CNA certified in Georgia. I'm amazed to hear how short, 1 month, some of the certifying programs are for many "Certified Assistants/Aides". The CNA program I attended required 30 college credit hours; in other words, 9 classes which takes about a year to complete. I am interested in knowing what courses were required by others to become a CNA in Georgia and/or other states. Here is the curriculum below:
    Requires:ENGL 1010Fundamentals of English I-3hrs
    - OR -
    ENGL 1101Composition and Rhetoric-3hrs
    Choose one of the following courses
    MATH 1012Foundations of Mathematics-3hrs
    MATH 1013Algebraic Concepts-3hrs
    MATH 1101Mathematical Modeling-3hrs
    MATH 1111College Algebra-3hrs

    PSYC 1010Basic Psychology-3hrs
    - OR -
    PSYC 1101Introductory Psychology-3hrs
    Must complete all of the following
    ALHS 1011Anatomy and Physiology-5hrs
    ALHS 1090MedTerm/Allied Health Sciences-2hrs
    COMP 1000Introduction to Computers-3hrs
    Take one of the following options
    Nurse Assistant-Focused Coursework
    ALHS 1040Introduction to Health Care-3hrs
    ALHS 1060Diet&Nutrition for Allied Heal-2hrs
    NAST 1100Nurse Aide Fundamentals-6hrs


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