5 Ways to Thank Your Caregiver This Month

Caregivers are selfless, loving, and dedicated. Whether they’re stopping at pharmacy to pick up medications, caregivers are constantly using their time to help others. November is Caregiver Awareness Month, so take the time to thank all the caregivers in your life. Here are a few ways you can give caregivers the recognition they deserve:

1. Give them a day to themselves. If you are able to give the patient the care they require, let the caregivers take a day off. Send them off to the spa or to see their favorite sports team. An unexpected day off is always appreciated. If a spontaneous act such as this isn’t possible, gift them tickets or gift cards that they can take advantage of when they have the time.

2. Write them a letter. Caregivers and all the work they do are unfortunately often taken for granted. Write a heartfelt note to let them know that their hard work is being noticed by others. It takes a strong person to dedicate their time to assisting others, and it’s absolutely a task that should be recognized.

3. Offer to help. Sometimes all it takes to thank someone is to give a little assistance. Taking care of another person can be exhausting, so try to lighten their load and give them more company by helping the caregiver out for a day. There’s always something to do around the house that you could do for them.

4. Create a thank you basket. Drop off a basket for them full of goodies and activities that they enjoy. This could include their favorite snacks or crosswords that they enjoy doing in their spare time. A basket full of their favorite treats is a sure way to brighten their day and give them something to look forward to when they have a break.

5. Pay it forward. Caregivers are often people that have a positive influence on others’ lives. They are such caring and generous people that it’s likely you’ll want to incorporate their qualities into your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them by reflecting their generosity in your daily activities. You could pay for another person’s meal and write them a note explaining your inspiration. Hopefully this will inspire them as well. Also consider donating in their name to a cause that is important to the caregiver in your life. This way to thank a caregiver is special because your thankfulness is often spread to others in your community.

Remember, more caregivers are needed for senior care as more seniors are deciding to stay in their own home for care. Find out how to become a certified caregiver in your state and apply for a Part-time or Full-time Caregiving job (no experience required).

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