Assisted Living Jobs: Senior Caregivers & Resident Care Assistants

Assisted Living has become the "new normal" for seniors looking for retirement options.  And the newer Assisted Living communities are places we all would want to live at any age.  Americans are living longer and also enjoying what is now being called the Third Age.  However, with longer lives, comes more years of help with care - which is why senior caregiver jobs continue to be available (senior care companies are constantly hiring part-time and full-time caregivers).  And some of these caregiver positions are available in the attractive and even posh Assisted Living communities.

The Villages, in Florida, is where one of my friend's parents have found a home for their retirement years.  They love it and their children and grandchildren also love this community.  My friend Lisa's father plays on 3 softball teams and her Mother enjoys a golf league, a knitting group and a book group.  In addition, one of their spare time activities has become a booming business.  They enjoy going to estate sales and auctions and now have a booth at an antique mall and even resell items on ebay.  Their knack for finding great items has been going so well that they have had to expand into 3 booths at the antique mall.

Back at The Villages, they can enjoy actiivites such as yoga at one of the recreation centers, go for a swim or enjoy live music at a Mexican restaurant.  If the time should come that the would need more assistance with senior care or even assisted living, these options are also available.

Assisted Living communities now often have spas and one in the Chicago area even has a rainforest.  The good news is that these Assised Living communities do need senior caregivers or resident assistants.

Caregiver duties at Assisted Living centers may involve assisting the residents during  meals and with mobility from one activity to the next.  Activities many times involve learning a new skill through creating a new craft project or discussing a movie or book.  Many times a Resident Assistant Caregiver will assist the residents in these activities.

Senior caregivers are available for residents of Assisted Living communities and usually when more assistance is needed with personal care a Certified Nursing Assistant is assigned to the resident.

Caregiver job descriptions for senior caregivers are similar for caregivers in assisted living communities to those working with a senior in their home.   If the caregivers is hired as a Resident Care Assistant they will provide some hands-on care but their primary is role is helping all the residents on one wing with Activities of Daily Living (ADL"s).  Smaller Assisted Living communities may also have the Resident Care Assistant help with meal prepration and activities.  If a senior has memory loss and is in the memory care unit of Assisted Living, the Resident Care Assistant may need to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.).

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