Assisted Living: How to Make the Right Choice

 Assisted Living Communities provide a safe environment for aging.  Our Guest Blogger today explains how to choose the right assisted living community.

Top Concerns When Choosing An Assisted Living Residence

According to the Assisted living Federation of America, over one million Americans are currently living in assisted living communities. They offer comfort, privacy and a home inspired atmosphere with the latest amenities. Assisted living residences are great options that combine independence and personal assistance in a residential environment. However, choosing an assisted living residence can be difficult and many individuals have certain concerns that need to be addressed. It is essential to find a residence with the right fit that is tailored to your needs. Choosing an assisted living residence is a big decision. Fortunately, today there are many assisted living options available. You may also want to research the nursing homes available near your assisted living residence, as Medicare does pay for short stays in nursing homes after a hospital stay.

Concerns about if Assisted Living for Me

Trying to decide if assisted living is right for you, is a top concern for many individuals. Assisted living may be for you, according to, if you find yourself tired of maintaining a home, needing more assistance than your family can provide, if you worry about your safety, if transportation is an issue or if you feel isolated. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be a good time to consider if an assisted living residence may be right for you. The questions will also help to decide on the services you need and the facility of your choice should offer. You can get support you need on a daily basis, while remaining completely independent. Tour the facility and weigh their ability to meet your requirements as you consider your options available to you at this exciting time in your life. 

Concerns about Privacy

A major concern when choosing an assisted living residence is privacy. Assisted living will feel just like a private residence. There is total control over the environment in assisted living residences, because a resident can decorate their apartment or room, however they choose. Residents maintain a high level of privacy, as well as independence while still having the assistance of staff to help with any needs. Assisted living has a home like atmosphere along with social interaction. 

Concerns about Safety

Safety is a concern that all individuals looking for an assisted living residence should research carefully. Having a safe and secure environment is a concern that most individuals have when choosing an assisted living residence. A safe, secure and clean environment will guard against accidents and illnesses. To ease concerns always visit facilities to compare the levels of safety and comfort. Other safety concerns might include the experience and qualifications of the staff members. The most important factor when selecting an assisted living residence is that it feels safe, friendly and comfortable. The right residence for you will feel like home.

Concerns about the Costs

When choosing an assisted living residence cost most likely will be a concern. Many individuals shy away from assisted living, because their perception is that the cost is not within their means. Although it is a significant investment, it is possible to find a residence within your budget and not have to compromise on the level of care or services offered. Costs can vary greatly from facility to facility. Remember that the facility that you will be happiest at may not be the most expensive or fancy. Always evaluate the costs and do not assume that just because it is expensive, it is better. Focus on what the facility provides specifically for your needs and wants, and the quality of the staff.

Finding the Best Residence 

A big concern is finding the assisted living facility that is right for you. There are many choices to choose from for those trying to choose an assisted living residence. Therefore, it can be difficult to feel comfortable with your choice. Searching for the right fit is extremely important when choosing an assisted living residence. The goal should be to choose a facility that provides a residential environment that provides independence along with personalized support and offers what is important to you. Taking tours of residences that are under consideration is especially important. Take in the surroundings, the residents and the staff. After the tour if you can imagine being a member of the community and enjoying the services, amenities and socialization that is offered, then you will know it is a good fit and the place for you. 


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