S.T.N.A. Training and Jobs Can Be Found in the Buckeye State

As the demand for senior caregivers increases, more caregivers search for certified nursing assistant training programs near them on Caregiverlist’s  C.N.A. or C.H.H.A. School Directory. On average, certified nursing aides get paid anywhere from $10-16 per hour, which is above minimum wage in most states. C.N.A. stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, and C.H.H.A. stands for Certified Home Health Aide, as different states have various job openings for senior care workers. Some states, such as Ohio, calls nursing aides S.T.N.A.s. So what does the S.T.N.A. stands for?


S.T.N.A. stands for State Tested Nurse Aides. Actually C.N.A. and S.T.N.A. mean the same thing — the state tested nurse aide is a state-specific name for this caregiving career. The only difference is the amount of training hours that a nurse aide must complete to receive the certification.


“Some states require at least 75 hours of certified nursing aide training,  depending on state requirements,” according to Jen Underwood, Headmaster LLP of D&S Diversified Technologies LLP. “In Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health requires nurse aides to complete a 75 hour Ohio Health Department approved nurse aide training program prior to taking the state test. Nurse Aides in Ohio must pass the state test with an 80% without missing a bold/key element as defined in the Ohio Candidate handbook. We have all of our states that we offer nurse aide, med aide, and home health aide testing listed  on our web site at hdmaster.com.”


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