Paycheck-to-Paycheck HBO Documentary Profile a Certified Nursing Aide Employee

Certified Nursing Aides are the backbone of caregiving in nursing homes and other senior care facilities.  But their pay continues to be the lowest for any nursing home employee.  Maria Shriver and Oprah Winfrey are showcasing the issue of low pay in the HBO Documentary titled "Paycheck to Paycheck:  The Life and Times..."

In this documentary, Certified Nursing Aide Katrina Gilbert is followed as she juggles a full-time "back-breaking job" and raises 3 children as a single Mom.  Daily work as a C.N.A. requires constant movement and assisting seniors with meals, bathing and activities.  While working as a nursing aide requires professional training, once the job begins, the nursing aide is in the lowest paying position at a senior care facility and often works on holidays and picks up extra schedules.  Katrina's pay is $9.54 per hour and she did receive a pay increase of .14 cents per hours, the documentary notes at the end.

Caregivers providing one-on-one care in a home average $10 per hour pay and above and have the advantage of working with just one senior.  Nursing homes may provide more benefits as they may be part of a larger corporation, but not always.

Learn how to become a senior caregiver and for those seeking to become a C.N.A., remember that this is the first step in becoming a L.P.N. or R.N.






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