Family Caregiver Survey Participants Needed: Win a $50 Gift Card

The family caregiver role commands various roles: walking assistance, preparing meals, taking out garbage and more.  Every caregiver has different experiences depending on the senior’s needs.  Caregivers of older adult relatives—spouse, parent, sibling, partner, or other close person—may fill out a survey and be entered to win a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. Caregivers must also provide transportation for this person, such as going to medical appointments, buying groceries, going to church and so on.

The College of Nursing and Department of Gerontology of The University of Missouri—St. Louis seek to examine the impact of providing transportation for family caregivers through a new instrument that will measure this level of impact. Byrant Price, doctoral student, and Dr. Jean Bachman, faculty advisor, organized the study.

Caregivers who complete the survey do not receive any direct benefits, but participants will help Price and Dr. Bachman gain a better understanding of the experience of being a caregiver. Caregivers who participate may choose to be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card for completion of the survey of which ten (10) winners will be selected when the survey ends.  Participants can simply select "Yes" at the end of this survey and to provide their personal information for the raffle. 

Approximately 270-460 participants are being sought for this study so odds of winning the optional raffle are approximately 1 in 27-46. 

Caregivers seeking community can submit their stories on Share your story and read others for inspiration. 



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