Criminal Background Checks Conducted by 92% of Employers and 100% of Senior Care Companies

Caregivers applying to job positions by senior care companies must pass a criminal background check.  Many individuals have concerns about what information may be on their background check but with technology advancing, it is easier than ever to both monitor the information on your background check and to purchase a background check on yourself.

The Society of Human Resource Management reports that 92% of employers use criminal-background checks for some or all job openings, according to their 2010 survey.

Learn more about criminal background checks which must follow the guidelines of the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and limit a review of information going back for only 7 years.  However, some states have passed legislation which does allow employers to review information for more than 7 years if the potential employee will be working with seniors or children.

Background check quality varies - be aware that it is important to purchase a quality background check that includes more than just a social security number to name match.

Quality background checks must include the criminal courthouse record check and verify the identity of the person.

Review the background check laws in your state and purchase a quality caregiver background check.  Senior caregivers are hired weekly by professional senior care companies accessing Caregiverlist's job applicant service - apply to a part-time or full-time caregiving position in your area or refer-a-friend.


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