App Charts Day to Day Blood Pressure Readings: Caregiverlist Senior Care App Review

Blood pressure often indicates an individual's level of heart health and can be vital to monitor for all adults, especially as they age. Senior caregivers can help keep track of their own or their senior clients' blood pressure using the BP Monitor app. The top number in a blood pressure reading indicates the pressure in the arteries with each heart beat. The bottom number represents the pressure in the arteries between heart beats. This chart from the American Heart Association shows the various levels for normal readings and readings that may be cause for concern. 

The BP Monitor app allows caregivers to record blood pressure readings on a daily basis and then view detailed charts which make it easier to spot drastic changes or trends in the numbers. It also provides an average reading for all of the readings entered in a week or a month. Blood pressure cuffs are available for purchase at most stores with a pharmacy section for easy at home readings. If the charts show trends of high numbers for caregivers or their senior clients, then they should be sure to visit a doctor to get a professional opinion. The app features an option to export or e-mail data to share the information with outside sources easily. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can be treated if discovered to have continually high readings. 

The app is free for Apple platforms. 

"Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite turns your device into a personal blood pressure and weight health monitor. It comes with lifetime data visualization, statistics reporting, medication correlation, email import/export, built-in reminders and much more. This is an app with a lot of features. "

Senior caregivers, let us know your feedback on this app and keep us posted if you discover additional apps that assist with caregiving duties and help to relieve caregiver stress. You may also refer-a-friend to a senior caregiving job and win prizes weekly and monthly on Caregiverlist. 

-Paige Krzysko

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