Good Senior Living: Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey, known for his radio shows "News and Comment" and "The Rest of the Story"  which air on more than 600 U.S. radio stations, turns 90 today.  Why is this newsworthy?  Because he continues to work - at age 90!  He does have a reduced schedule since his wife passed away earlier this year and to allow for health concerns.

He says he will retire the day he finds something more fun to do, but even after working in radio for 57 years, he still enjoys his job.

Doctors advise healthy aging consists of maintaining social interactions, engaging in physical and mental exercise, and eating nutritious meals. 

While there have been many recent news stories on seniors delaying retirement because of the increased costs in living and the decreased returns on investments, maybe continuing to work a little delivers some benefits. 

And thank you to Paul Harvey for reminding us of this!


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  • Dana

    9/13/2008 10:27:07 PM | Reply

    As senior and owner of a senior care home business. Its always a good feeling when I see other seniors making the most out of life. I always look at life from a view point of "Can I make it any better or sweeter!"  

  • Jean Woodington

    9/29/2008 12:14:56 PM | Reply

    Before I retired I planned to develop a business doing what I love to do.  It allows me to earn some extra spending money and I can do it from my own home at my own pace.  Without this to fill in some of my extra time I think I would have been unhappy.  I see many people who do not plan ahead and then when retirement does come they are lost about what to do with their extra time. New challenges keep us alive and growing! DOing what you love to do is FUN!


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