Costs of Senior Care: Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care

Planning for senior care includes deciding where a senior would like to receive care, should they require caregiving services.  Insurance actuaries advise that everyone should plan on needing at least 2 years of senior care services.  This is because short-term care may be required after a stroke, hip replacement or heart attack and longer term care may be required as one becomes older and may need assistance with all aspects of daily living.

Senior care costs should be researched to assist with determining the right care options.  Learn about the actual prices of nursing homes nationwide on Caregiverlist.

For instance, the daily price of a room at the Abington of Glenview, Illinois is $290 and at the Canterbury Towers Health Center in Tampa, Florida, the daily cost is $290.

Also learn about the costs of senior home care with a licensed senior home care agency which provides professionally managed one-on-one care in the home.

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  • Kevin Dorival

    3/16/2011 10:44:56 PM | Reply

    We all know that the times that we are in that Home Care will be Nursing Home.  Money is short and time is shorter, depending on who's perspective, in which causes people to make adjustments with their finances.  With the abuses that takes place at these nursing homes, without a camera and a good review, I wouldn't dare leave my parents or grandparents at a Nursing home.  Home Care wins!

  • Alvana

    4/4/2011 9:16:50 AM | Reply">Home care agencies help individuals special wants handle within their home. You can find various kinds of services that specialize in different needs. There are services for the seniors and there are services for the impaired. Most of these services are also available for people that are chronically ill and need extra help getting by while in the home. Also, they are ideal for people that may be recovering from surgery or are becoming impaired and need to adapt to being at home in their new situation.


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