Alzheimer's Disease Care in Assisted Living

Alzheimer's Disease prevents challenges which some other age-related diseases do not, simply because the personality of the senior can change, along with the memory loss.  As is often said, Alzheimer's Disease is the "long goodbye" to a loved one.  And it can be even more confusing to family members because the senior can have a good day, tossed in with the bad days or they can seem just fine during short visits. 

Caregiverlist's Assisted Living Expert, Lisa Sneddon, with Senior Living Experts, just assisted a senior with Alzheimer's Disease to move to an Assisted Living Community which specializes in elder care for those with memory loss.

The family member sent her a note telling her that they visited their loved one and realized they were doing well and they then had their first night of peaceful sleep in 8 years.  You can read the entire note about this senior's move to Assisted Living in Lisa's blog.

Caring for someone who may become confused about "person, place and time" presents unique safety challenges.  Many times the senior will take out all of their anger about their condition on the person who is closest to them.  This is why in some instances, the best care may be at a senior care community which offers a special environment and is able to rotate Caregivers to prevent burnout when the senior is combative.

Some Assisted Living Communities have created rooms with memorabilia from certain eras and provide music and movies for times the senior can remember.  Many seniors are able to remember events from many years ago, while not being able to remember recent events.  Just as finding the right medical doctor who is able to specialize in certain medical conditions can be vital to obtaining the most effective medical treatments, sometimes senior care requires a specialized solution.






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  • Gloria

    7/21/2008 8:58:11 PM | Reply

    I feel as i have work in several nursing home You care and take care of them and treat them very well Mostly be very patience

  • Reg Fife

    7/22/2008 5:05:13 PM | Reply

    Good post.  I think making seniors feel at home with things from the era they grew up in is very important.  Everyone wants to feel young, and be in an environment they have grown accustomed to.  All long-term care facilities ought to be aware of this so they can help their residents be more comfortable.

  • Alzheimers Care

    7/28/2008 7:53:39 AM | Reply

    Alzheimer's disease is one of several disorders that cause the gradual loss of brain cells.


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