What is the Veteran's Caregiving Benefit?

The current administration is lobbying for better benefits for our veterans - especially with more and more servicemen surviving injuries in Iraq, while living with the loss of limbs and with ongoing needs for medical assistance and caregiving.  It seems the least we can do for these servicemen is provide for their care needs when they return home.  I know I am grateful I live in a country where, as a woman, I can wear what I want, and earn a living and grateful for the servicemen who protect us and provide for our freedoms.....I wish we could air-drop bikinis to the women in Afghanistan....but back to caregiving for the American veterans.

A question we are frequently asked is what benefits are available for retired veterans.  Here is the answer:

Veteran's of qualifying foreign wars do qualify for in-home senior caregiving services, with preapproval from a doctor and the proper documents submitted (doctors at a Veteran's hospital are your best bet for assisting with quick approval or you can also secure this benefit quickly upon discharge from a hospital with the assistance of the hospital social worker).

The veteran and their spouse, with financial assets of $80,000 or less (excluding home and cars) qualify for caregiving services in these amounts:

  • Up to $1,519 per month for a Veteran
  • Up to $976 per month for a Veteran's Spouse, even if the Veteran is deceased
  • Up to $1,801 per month for a Couple

    Any licensed senior home care agency that hires caregivers as employees and provides for all of their payroll taxes and insurances will qualify to provide for the care. 

    You may learn more about the Veteran's benefit, along with the forms to file, on this page of Caregiverlist.


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    • These benefits are truly beneficial for the veterans I serve. Beneficial, but deserved. I think a country can be judged by how they treat those who have served it. I'm glad America is doing well.
    • our company provides care for the vets in our area, however we were shocked and dismayed to learn that the va does not provide payment for care on major holidays including 4th of July and memeorial day. Want to get involved to change that? Call or write your State senator and or congressman.
    • Phil,

      Thank you for pointing out the lack of coverage
      on these Holidays. We should all write our
    • Hi

      My husband is a vietnam veteran who has dementia, his Drs. Says he needs some one with him all the time. I am
      looking to see if there are any benefits that would pay me to stay home with him and be his primary caregiver through va benefits. And if so how do you apply for these benefits. Any information is appreciated.

      Thanks Juanita
    • I have been taking care of my husband (vet) since 2008.I had to leave my job.I have found when my husband is confined to the house, so am I.if we go we have a wheel chair and lift to deal with.So I am homebound.
    • Definitely, what a fantastic blog and illuminating posts, I will bookmark your site.All the Best!

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