Caregiver Training for Caregivers of Veterans

Caregiver training for caregivers of veterans has been formally created in a format that mirrors training for professional senior caregivers.  The training is seprated into six different modules to make the skills easy to study and learn.

Operation Enduring Freedom which began the war in Afghanistan and Iraq following the September 11, 2011, attacks in New York City and the Pentagon, has resulted in nearly 5,000 deaths but left more soldiers surviving with severe injuries.  This is the benefit of better medical technology in the field but also leaves these survivors with serious long-term injuries and post traumautic stress disorders. The injuries are in the thousands for the soldiers who survived.  Many will need ongoing caregiving services. 

The Veteran's Administration now provides a training guide for caregivers of veterans, called the National Veteran Caregiver Training Program.
The Veteran Caregiver Training Program includes these 6 modules:
  1. Caregiver Self-care
  2. Home Safety
  3. Caregiver Skills
  4. Personal Care
  5. Managing Challenging Behaviors
  6. Resources

Each module can be downloaded individually or the entire guide can be downloaded.

Veteran's who are seniors and served in certain wars do qualify for the Veteran's Home Health Aid benefit, which provides an hourly caregiver in the home.  Spouses of these veteran's also qualify for the benefit, called "Aid and Attendance".  Find out which veterans qualify for the Veteran's Aid and Attendance benefit and how to apply.

A few states have required training for professional caregivers, including Illinois which requires a 8 hours of training.  Caregiverlist's Certified Caregiver Training is an online 10-hour training course which meets the Illinois training requirements and caregivers may review this caregiver training course and learn each module at their own pace.

Senior caregiving continues to be a growing industry as more seniors age-in-place and live longer while needing part-time caregiving servicers.  Explore the caregiver career opportunities and apply for a senior caregiving job near you.


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