TSA Relaxes Security Requirements for Seniors

Airport security has evolved into an experience that can be cumbersome and even a bit uncomfortable. It just is not enjoyable to receive the “pat down” from a stranger in a public environment. And for seniors who may be wearing special undergarments it is even more unnerving.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced this week that they will begin testing a program that would allow passengers age 75 and older to keep their shoes on along with light jackets as they pass through security.
Since it can be difficult for some seniors to quickly bend over and kick off their shoes, this will be welcomed by both seniors and everyone else.
The TSA will begin testing the program at Chicago's O'Hare airport, Denver International airport, Orlando International airport and Portland, Oregon International airports tomorrow. Older passengers may still be subject to normal screening procedures if the full-body scanners detect any anomalies, the TSA said.
Last year, the TSA instituted a similar program to reduce the time spent getting children 12 and under through security.
Seniors will welcome this new program.   The TSA has made the move in the hopes of reducing the number of pat-downs conducted on the elderly and this is part of a broader initiative to target riskier passengers and speed up check-ins.
Right now, the TSA will make a visual inspection to determine which elderly can keep their shoes and jackets on.
If the program proves successful, the TSA said it would consider expanding it. 
This is good news for seniors and their caregivers!

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