An Enduring Sympathy Gift

While caregiving brings fuflillment, it also brings learning to cope with loss.  When a caregiver loses the person they have been caring for, it is important to process the grief.  Hospice caregivers receive special training in caring for terminal seniors.  By knowing you have made the senior's life a little better as their caregiver, you are able to keep this memory.

However, it is still difficult to lose someone when you have been assisting with all of their personal care needs.

An innovative company has created customzied "throws" which can have photos and poems printed on them so that you can keep memories of your lost loved one near you (and stay warm).  We just wanted to share this as the idea was new to us and is something besides flowers that you can give to someone who has just lost a loved one, or buy for yourself as you honor the process of grief.

Woven Embrace is the company and they told us the Red Tractor and the Broken Chain are their top sellers.  You can purchase a preprinted throw or upload a photo to create your own.



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