Mercy Killings of Seniors: Roy Charles Laird Update

Mercy killings, when a loved one's life is ended for them, to eliminate prolonged pain and suffering when they are terminal, leave many unanswered questions.  Sometimes our medical technology can extend lives perhaps longer than they are wanted - feeding tubes, for instance, were created for infants and now are used sometimes for seniors in nursing homes, which is another controversial topic.

Last year, in California, Roy Charles Laird pleaded not guilty to killing his wife, after he was caught with a gun in the nursing home where his wife was a resident and she had been shot in the head.  She had terminal pancreatic cancer and late-stage dementia.

Read the update on Mr. Laird's mercy killing case.  While Mr. Laird had mentioned he knew of others who had killed a spouse and then committed suicide, there are not many cases documented as mercy killings.  Do you know of other mercy killings?  Share any of your stories and solutions to this problem.



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  • Aliso Viejo Memory Care

    6/21/2011 11:03:10 PM | Reply

    this is yet another example of why Euthanasia should be legal (at some point) in the U.S.


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