Senior I-Pad Apps

Senior caregivers know the challenges of introducing their seniors to new routines and new concepts.  As the saying goes, for a reason caregivers well know, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  However, some seniors are first-movers with technology and it turns out as we age, women are first-movers more so than men. 

While I feel like I am a first-mover with technology, and have years of experience in senior caregiving, I am embarrassed to admit that I have not been successful in convincing my Dad to use e-mail.  He is in his mid-70's and just doesn't see the need to check e-mail.  I even sent him a gift certificate to his e-mail address to try to motivate him but so far he is still resisting.  He does use a cell phone, but he won't check the voicemail.  If you call him and he doesn't answer, we all know to just hang up.  He'll see that we called and eventually call us back but he will not take the time to listen to a voice-mail.

My sister still holds out hope and is planning on giving my father an I-pad, and she has already pulled in my brothers and me to start the sales process on convincing Dad the enjoyment he will find in communicating with the world via the internet.  The good news is that there are now special Apps for the iPad that are customized just for seniors.

Even social workers are joining in the development of Apps, to customize tools for seniors.  The Applie iPad does it make it easy for seniors to communicate without needing to sit at a desk and feel like they are working.  They can even sit in a wheelchair while using it.  And the best part is that many Apps are free!  We have found a few Apps that senior caregivers may want to know about.

U.S. News and World Report profiles 10 "Starter Apps" that are recommended by online reviews and experts.

  1. ABC:  Video App
  2. Netflix:  Streams movies and TV shows
  3. NPR:  Radio audio and text version
  4. iBooks:  E-book Apps
  5. Google Earth:  GPS capabilities ties to Google Maps
  6. Zinio:  Free access to feature stories in Magazines
  7. The Weather Channel:  weather conditions by zip-code
  8. Virtuoso:  music which includes a keyboard to play the piano
  9. Epicurious:  recipes from the publishers of Gourmet and Bon Appetite
  10. Pandora:  free music via the internet radio

Seniors can expand their horizons and maintain a connection with the world through Apps on iPads and as the costs of technology become cheaper and cheaper, caregivers can assist seniors to enjoy this new world.

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