Undercover Boss Spotlights Senior Home Care

Undercover Boss, the television show on CBS Sunday nights, spotlighted a senior home care agency franchise company boss, Shelly Sun, CEO of Brightstar Care.  The show had Shelly work as an employee - a caregiver-in-training, for a few different clients.

She worked in a nursing home with a nursing aide and made calls to the home with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  Her husband, J.D. Sun, the co-founder of the company, also performed companion care for an elderly man in an Assisted Living community.

The caregivers they worked with were exceptional.  This really highlights how senior caregiving is only as good as the caregiver and senior care companies must hire quality caregivers in order to deliver quality care.

You may watch the video of the show - some of the funny moments were when Shelly had to change a diaper - apparently her husband is the primary caregiver for her twin sons and she was not thrilled to have to do this chore.  She also wasn't aware long, painted fingernails were not appropriate for assisting a LPN.  However, at the end of the show, the caregivers who were training Shelly were well rewarded for their dedication to their caregiving careers with free vacations and tuition for nursing school.

Caregivers can learn more about caregiver training and apply for a senior care job in their area if interested in working as a professional senior caregiver.

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  • Sandra Sprague

    4/18/2011 9:26:31 PM | Reply

    The Sun's did not represent In-home care owners well at all. The Sun's came across that they had no prior hands on knowledge, yet they have been in the business for 9 yrs? Most of the in-home care companies are so far advance then the Sun's in their skill level and polices and procedures for caring for seniors and child care. The Sun's never visited a franchise office, never mentioned the importance of  the criminal background checks for cg's, everyone knows the cg following the primary cg has client notes in advance of going into an assignment. Mrs. Sun seemed suprised by the cg telling her this information she should have developed nine years ago. Mr. should have known more about ALF, where has he been in nine years? Anyone in this business knows you have to speak loud when in a large room with hearing defict people. The Brightstar image last night does not represtent the majority of in-home care owners and their knowledge of this business. Very poorly done and not representive of this industry. Brightstar waisted their money last night on the Undercover Boss.  

  • Carol Samuelson

    4/19/2011 12:11:31 AM | Reply

    Neither Mr and Mrs Sun gave the impression they had a clue of what a caregiver job entails.  Many parts seemed scripted, phony, with no tears....   Would rather have watch Secret Millionare.  

  • Georgia Williams

    4/19/2011 4:35:32 AM | Reply

    Yes, the senior home care agency I work for has much better systems in place.  We always have a Care Plan book with each client and a Supervisor to train new caregivers.  I was surprised they had never performed care. My boss can perform care.  I have never heard of this company and have been a caregiver for 20 years.  


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