Sample Nursing Aide Test

Are you a family caregiver or professional caregiving looking to learn more caregiving skills to better provide care?

Anyone who has completed a caregiver training program knows the difference it can make to know how to safely transfer a patient or speak to someone with Alzheimer's Disease (use their name often, give them eye contact and don't ask too many open-ended questions).

Caregiverlist's Sample Nursing Aide Test is provided by the company who officially administers the nursing aide tests for the department of health in many states nationwide (for final certification, nursing aides must pass the state exam).

Test your caregiving skills or find out what types of questions would be on the nursing aide exam by taking our sample test (just scroll to the bottom of our Career Center) and if you really want to test your skills, take the nursing aide Practice test.

You can also read about senior care training and learn about caregiving for specific age-related illnesses in our training center and print out our senior care briefs.

Certified Nursing Aides have the ability to earn a couple dollars more per hour than caregivers without formal certification and you may also find nursing aide schools and programs on Caregiverlist, including costs and admission requirements.


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