New York May Require Registered Nurses to Earn Bachelor's Degree

Registered Nurses in New York state may be required to earn a Bachelor's Degree within 10 years of becoming a Registered Nurse (R.N.) as part of a new bill introduced to the state legislature to help raise educational standards for nurses.

The initiative is called the "BSN in 10" and is backed by nursing associations to address the need for trained nurses even as a staffing shortage exists in some parts of the U.S.A.  It is also estimated that as nurses retire, the increase in education requirements could add to a continued shortage of qualified nurses for the aging population.

Senior care will continue to be one of the top employers as the large baby boomer population ages, while needing some care assistance as they live longer with the benefits of medical advancements.

Companion caregivers are needed to assist seniors who experience memory loss or just need some assistance with their daily activities.  Anyone with a caring personality can begin a career as a professional caregiver.  Caregiverlist provides a certified caregiver training program providing 10-hours of online training meeting state training requirements for licensed senior home care agencies.  Caregivers may then advance to become Certified Nursing Aides and continue on to become a Registered Nurse.

Anyone interested in becoming a senior caregiver can first apply for a caregiving job as a companion caregiver and review admission requirements for Certified Nursing Aide schools.  Caregivers may take a sample C.N.A. test to learn about the skills they will learn as a C.N.A.


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