Register to Vote - Senior Care Benefits are Regulated by your Elected U.S. Senators and Representatives

Vote! This is your opportunity to have your voice heard. Remember, anyone working in the senior care industry has indirect support from government program as seniors receive Social Security benefits and Medicare or Medicaid health care insurance.

Register to vote in your voting precinct. Deadlines sometimes exist for registration. Find out how to register in your area. It’s easy!

You may also vote on an absentee ballot ahead of the election if you will not be able to make it to the voting precinct on the day of the election which is usually a Tuesday.

Fun fact for you on why we vote on Tuesdays: back when almost everyone lived on a farm, it sometimes took a full day to travel by horse and buggy to get to the voting place which was usually at the town where the county courthouse was located. As Sunday was the sabbath and Wednesday was market day, Tuesday was chosen.

As most senior caregivers are women, you will also want to consider voting for candidates who support equal pay and other women’s rights.

Most candidates support many different issues which may or may not match with one political party.  Find the issue that resonates the most with you and support that candidate in your area.

Medicare and Medicaid are funded by both state and federal dollars and your elected officials in Congress will have a voice in any changes to these programs. You want to research to see how they support or don’t support funding these senior benefits.

Read more about the Ballot Ready app here. 


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