Caregiver Private Nurse Inherits $38 Million from Client

Senior caregiving pays more in fulfillment than in cash, but it seems there are exceptions.

Private duty nurse Hadassah Peri receives $38 million, left to her in the will of her client, 104-year-old Huguette Clark who was the daughter of a Montana senator who was once the second wealthiest man in the U.S.A.

The New York Post reported that Clark chose to leave money which was left over from her donation to a charity for the arts only to her accountant, lawyer, physician, goddaughter and caregiver.  She said her private duty nurse was a loyal companion and friend to her and she saw her more in 20 years than any other person.  She had a total of about $400 million and alos a Claude Monet Water Lillies series painting that will be donated to the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Experience the fulifillment of caregiving by working as a professional caregiver - and just remember these instances are exteremely rare but the better inheritance is knowing you assisted someone to have a better day (you know, lots of money causes lots of problems anyway).

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