Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

With about 500,000 new cases of Alzheimer's Disease diagnosed every year, there are still just 4 medications approved for treatment of the disease.  The mental and physical challenges caused by this disease can result in a senior needing assistance with care for many years of their life. 

I had the experience of meeting former President Ronald Reagan after this disease had left him needing around-the-clock assistance (I was in a restaurant in Santa Monica, in the overflow section, and they sat him in this out-of-the-way area with his nurse and two Secret Service agents.  He did not know who anyone was at this point, but his nurses went for a walk with him on the beach each morning).  He had the means to pay for the caregiving services he needed, but. as ongoing care for many years can be expensive, finding a way to prevent the onset and progression of Alzheimer's Disease will make a big difference in the ability for this country to manage for the aging of the large baby boomer generation.

Today's Wall Street Journal reports a team of doctors in California are working on cognitive tools to help prevent the disease, including diet and socializing tips. 

Brain exercises, along with meditation and acupuncture have all shown to improve memory and perhaps slow the onset of memory loss.  Caregivers can do brain exercises with their senior clients  -  it's free, it won't hurt and it might help! 

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  • Michelle

    4/9/2010 12:05:57 AM | Reply

    I really am encouraged to hear the amazing research  for Alzheimers Disease.  We all know someone affected by this terrible disease.


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